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BETIC organizes four major events every year – Medical Device Hackathon (MEDHA), Medical Device Innovation Camp (MEDIC), Medical Device Expo (MEDEX) and Medical Device Innovation Symposium (MEDIS). The events enable curating clinical needs, training potential innovators, expanding the collaboration network and sharing the best practices among partners.


Medical Device Hackathon (MEDHA) is a hackathon for final year students and young working professionals to explore medical device innovation. 

There are participants, who form teams of four with medicine, design, electronics and mechanical backgrounds. They brain-storm new ideas, sketch the concepts, fabricate proof-of-concepts and present them to an expert jury panel. (In eMEDHA these activities are performed virtually).

The problems posed to the participants are obtained from expert doctors in local hospitals. The organizing team curates the problems by checking for market need, innovation potential and technical feasibility. Then short videos are created for showing to the participants. Each team is mentored by a senior innovator or entrepreneur from BETIC network.

Multiple MEDHA are organized every year, during May-July weekends, at multiple partner institutes who wish to set up or have recently set up medical device innovation facilities. It strengthens the local innovation eco-system by bringing teachers, researchers and students from different disciplines
together, as well as connecting them with local doctors, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders.

During 2016-2019, BETIC team organized 11 MEDHA in Mumbai, Pune, Kolhapur, Nagpur and Wardha, benefitting over 400 participants.


eMEDHA 2021




eMEDHA 2021


eMEDHA  2021: 8-16 May

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(last date extended from 10 Apr 2021 to 18 Apr 2021)


Medical Device Innovation Camp (MEDIC) is a five-day experiential workshop meant for working professionals to learn how to define and develop a novel medical device as well as plan its commercialisation. 

There are 60 participants, including doctors, researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs, teachers and incubation managers. There are equal number of doctors, designers, mechanical engineers and electronics engineers, who form teams of four comprising one from each background. Each team is mentored over five days by a senior innovator or entrepreneur from BETIC network. (In eMEDIC these activities are performed virtually and is spread over four weekends).

On the first day, participants are shown curated videos of unmet clinical needs, which are explained by relevant clinicians. On the second day, the teams are shown how to brainstorm and evolve creative solutions. They are provided kits of mechanical and electronics components to create
prototypes of their concepts. On the third day, they learn about lab tests, human clinical trials and regulatory approvals. On the fourth day, the participants are shown how to protect intellectual property rights and evolve a suitable business model. There are early morning lectures by faculty, late afternoon interactions with domain experts, and night-time fireside stories by successful entrepreneurs. On the last day, a jury comprising top clinicians, industrialists and faculty evaluates the projects and awards prizes to winners.

MEDIC is organized once an year during September-October at at IIT Bombay, COE Pune or VNIT Nagpur. Five camps have been organized since 2014, benefitting 300 participants..


Unmet clinical need

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eMEDIC 2021





eMEDIC  2021: 2-24 Oct. 

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(last date extended from 10 Sep 2021 to 17 Sep 2021)

Medical Device Expo (MEDEX) showcases the medical devices developed by BETiC labs and partners.

Start-up companies and industry partners display the latest versions of their products developed in collaboration with BETIC. There are separate booths for BETiC clusters (Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur), who display novel products ready for licensing.

MEDEX is organized twice an year, concurrent with Medical Device Innovation Symposium (in April) and Medical Device Innovation Camp (in October). There are several hundred highly relevant visitors, including representatives of government, academia, medical community, industry, investors and other facilitators.

During 2014-2019, BETIC team organized five MEDEX, at Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur and Dervan.


Medical Device Innovation Symposium (MEDIS) started as a follow-on event of the annual meeting of the steering and monitoring committee of BETIC. 

The first MEDIS was held in April 2018, and the second one in April 2019. There are about 100 invited delegates from government, academia, medical community, startups, industry and investors. The key theme is medical device innovation eco-system.

Delegates discuss new opportunities, key challenges, personal experiences and best practices in medical device innovation and commercialization. Challenges faced by innovation and incubation centres are also discussed, along with possible avenues for sustaining and scaling up the activities.