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Several medical devices developed at BETIC centres are already in clinical studies and a few have reached the market through start-up companies or industry partners. The products have been showcased in different exhibitions and won prestigious awards. 


A range of medical devices for screening, monitoring, surgery, treatment, assistance and rehabilitation spanning all risk classes (low, low-medium, medium-high and high) have been
developed at BETIC labs. Some of these are already in use and benefitting the patients; others are in clinical studies.


BETIC team members founded 15 start-up companies to offer their products and services. Most of them have been incubated in SINE, IIT Bombay and Venture Centre, NCL Pune.

  • Smart stethoscope module - Ayu Devices (Adarsha K, Tapas Pandey)

  • Diabetic foot screening device - Ayati Devices (Nishant Kathpal)

  • Stance-controlled knee ankle foot orthosis - Aumeesh Tech (Aneesh Karma)

  • Maxillofacial surgery guides - Precisurg (Sandeep Dahake)


Several medical devices developed in BETIC labs have been licensed to local industry partners. The team works closely with the partners to transfer all related know-how and know-why.

  • Clubfoot brace monitor - Metwiz Materials (Lokap Sahu)

  • Multi-use biopsy gun - Tenon Meditech (Jaydip Deshpande)

  • Laparoscopy instrument - Eclipse Instrumentation (Priyal Nagare)

  • Nasal osteotomy forceps - Om Surgicals (Rashmikant Gangar)

  • Above knee prosthetic leg - Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust (Rajiv Mehta)


BETIC products and team members have won several prestigious awards for innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • BIRAC Biotechnology Ignition Grant (BIG) ten times.

  • Gandhian Young Technological Award

  • DST India Innovation Growth Programme Medal (thrice)

  • Google Impact Challenge

  • Indo-Swiss Academia Industry Training (twice)

  • Other Awards: Emerging Startup of the Year, American Bazaar Start-Up Competition, Young Entrepreneur, SICOT Research, SKB Seva Samaj, Maharashtra Startup Week, AI Innovation Challenge and NCPEDP-Mphasis Universal Design.